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handmade holidays

I really love handmade holidays...
"Joy" garlands...
"Red Wool Coat" felt ornament pattern is from Rosie Little Things and makes a lovely accent to any gift.  Check out her site and blog.  She does some beautiful little designs.
As is the "Little Deer", also from Rosie Little Things...

I always wish I could do more for people at Christmas time, but it has been pure joy working on these little things for dear friends.  I hope you are all taking time to enjoy the season.

Amy xoxo


  1. Hello Amy!
    I "think" I have from your new blog, it took a bit to find it.
    I love all the ornament you have posted! So cute!
    I hope to keep up on my blogging this coming new year. Please stop by, in 2012, I am so excited about my first blog for the new year! I hope you'll drop by in 2012!

  2. I adore those JOY letters! You make the most beautiful things, maybe I'll try something like this...


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