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a wee update

Whew, have I been busy lately!  Mostly work stuff, but I've also been busy making Victorian duds for myself and Victoria, working on a logo for a friend's singles ministry, working on t-shirt art for another friend's new business as well as his logo...I could go on.

By some miracle, I do manage to snag a moment or two here or there to work on some sort of crochet.  I've found myself putting away the grannies for a while and working only on my ripple blanket, just because that ripply-ness can really ease away the stresses with all that repetition.  Grannies you have to stop and start.  Ripples you just keep on, waving to and fro.  Now I know why people like to do shawl ministries.  You can get some awesome praying done over a long row for a blanket.  I say that, but here recently, I finished another "batch" of baby grannies for a blanket that will hopefully end up on Victoria's bed before she's a teenager.  I'm loving the progress.  No pics yet, but I'll take some soon.

I have also made some slow but steady progress on the ripple, but it's a very large blanket, designed to cover a queen sized bed (or drape over a full-size bed), so it'll take me a while.  Here's how it looks so far:

Then I had the delicious opportunity to make some baby stuff for a friend who is delivering her first wee one in the next few weeks.  I will not deny that I flagrantly stole this design from Amy over at Nana Company.  Hers is way cooler than mine, but I had a baby package to go out and desperately wanted something hand-done to throw in there, so when I saw her little bib, I just....well, I copied.  :)  Imitation is the best form of flattery, eh?  At any rate, it was FUN to make, made me long for another wee babe of my own.  I hope baby Audrey enjoys it.

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Time to get back to stitching.  I hope you are all doing lovely.

Amy xoxoxo

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