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rippley goodness

I've been noodling around on a ripple blanket for our bed!  I love this color.  Since this was my first large blanket I've ever crocheted, I wanted to choose a pattern that was easy, but not boring.  Then I saw this over at Pleasant View Schoolhouse and fell in love with the simplicity of it.  Incidentally, the waves coordinate nicely with a quilt design that I'm going to be making for our bed:

I enjoy this quilt style so much that I even want to use the same color scheme.  I love sunny and  butter yellows with cream.  And who wouldn't love a bit of springy sunshine in the bedroom?  What I really like about this is the subtle use of an light blue in the center of a few blocks and around the edge.  I needed a yarn that matched that blue for the coordinating ripple blanket.  And I did.  Thank you Martha Stewart for coming out with your new yarn line!  Her extra soft wool blend yarn is absolutely dreamy to work with.  Plus, it's just darn pretty.  Unfortunately our stores aren't carrying the merinos yet.

Can't you see this lovely quilt coordinating with the "Igloo" blue ripple blanket?  I can picture myself curling up in it already.

Now that I have the yarn, I need to find the fabric for the quilt.  So many decisions.  Patterns or solids?  Plain quilters cotton or should I spring for sateen?  (I once had a whole-cloth sateen quilt which was so soft to the touch, but sateen would be quite a bit more expensive.)

Have a blessed day!

Amy xo

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  1. What a pretty color of yarn, and the design is lovely. And a yellow and cream quilt? Wow! What a serene and peaceful room that will be. I can't wait to see updates as you continue working on this project.


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