Welcome! Thistle + Lilly is a newly created pattern brand, currently targeted to designing clothing patterns for babies and children for the Victorian era. While many initial patterns will be for the 1850s and 1860s, the long-term goal is to have patterns ranging from 1830-1900.


a new chapter

Felted Wool Patchwork Throw from the Purl Bee

Sometimes, creativity just takes you into a different direction.  For me, it meant taking a surprising detour from my usual Civil War era projects and falling headlong into my fabric stash.  And yarn.  I've started crocheting too.  With a toddler running around and a full time design gig, my life has gotten rather busy -- gone are the days of sitting in front of a BBC film and happily sewing up fancy Civil War dresses.  But that's ok.  Life has changed, but it's changed in the good kind of way.  And besides, the new crafts are a welcome distraction.  I'm finding myself rather enjoying the feel of yarn in my hands, and the methodical hooking away from skein to blanket or scarf.  It's quiet.  It helps me be still, and with every stitch, I count blessings, and remember those I love.

Not that I'll ever stop making historical clothing...but they'll likely be more for my daughter than myself.  (Although I'm sure I'll eek out a dress for myself now and then.  How can I resist?)  I still love historical clothing, the styles, the sweetness.  But this blog, hopefully, will be a peek into what truly makes me tick -- my muses, my love of design and color and creation, and things that inspire me.  If you Pinterest, then follow me there too! I'm just getting started on my pin boards and I'm truly enjoying it.

xo Amy

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