Welcome! Thistle + Lilly is a newly created pattern brand, currently targeted to designing clothing patterns for babies and children for the Victorian era. While many initial patterns will be for the 1850s and 1860s, the long-term goal is to have patterns ranging from 1830-1900.


Victoria Chemise Pattern - 1850-1859

At long last, I have finished one of my patterns.  This is a pattern I have had available for free, and so I'll keep it that way.  Enjoy!  I'm still working on formalizing the underwear and infant's sacque.

{ Download }

As for new stuff in the works, I have a wool braided gaiter shoe from 1861, which I am currently working up in several sizes.  I can't wait to show you!  Sorry it takes so long to make these patterns; I hope it's worth the wait.

I've also been working on a little girl's dress pattern dating 1848, inspired by a photograph.  I've created the base pattern and now I'm in the process of grading it.  I've never had much reason to make anything earlier than 1855, since I usually only go to war-era events, but this has been a real treat to work on.

Amy xoxo


  1. You are incredible! Love it!

  2. Rachel, you are so sweet and always so supportive!

  3. Amy, it's gorgeous! Wow. You ARE incredible! I love this and am so excited to see what you will put out in the future; you are awesome!

  4. Thank you for the free pattern! I made my little girl a jacket from your infant sacque pattern last year and it was much admired. What sizes are you planning for the girls 1848 dress?

  5. Thank you Sarah and Ginger! I really appreciate your cheerleading! :)

    Mrs. Brown - Welcome! For the 1848 dress, I plan on starting with sizes 2-6, then adding 7-12. I'm tickled to hear you made a sacque for your little girl, and I'm glad it worked out well for you.

  6. Just realised you can just about make out the sacque on my profile photo if you click on it to enlarge :) She's just two at the moment but already in 3 year old clothes so will probably be in size 4 by the summer :D Best Wishes, Rhea

  7. Your work is lovely, however, in attempting to download the infant chemise pattern, you have a "SecuryBrowse" extension attached to your download notorious for viruses. Not Safe to download your material. :-(


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