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A new year!

Happy New Year!  I hope your Christmas was lovely, your New Year was exciting, and that you're looking forward to lots of new experiences and opportunities.  For someone like me who is organizationally challenged, this time of year usually inspires me to clean and purge and organize with lofty ambitions of keeping said organization.  (Which rarely happens.  Ok, never.)  But starting fresh with a whole new 12 months to wonder about is all part of the excitement of new years, right?  I'll just try not to think about the Big 4-0 which is looming.  Heh.

At the end of January, I have the thrill of going to my first living history conference.  We rarely have them so close by, so I definitely wanted to take part and learn something.  I've almost exclusively participated in "reenacting" as opposed to "living history," so it's quite new to me.  I'm not an actor and feel almost silly pretending to be someone of the 1860s, but I hope I can commune with others who can help me get past the silly feeling part.  :)

As part of my contribution, I'm putting something into the silent auction to benefit the state park and museum.  So I'm making up a little dress for about a 3 year old with the cutest little vandyked sleeves I've seen on an original.  I'm edging them, as well as the neckline, with a narrow lace.  The fabric I chose was a sheer windowpane muslin -- similar to dimity, but lighter.  And boy is it fiddly!  The effect is quite beautiful, though.  I hope the little girl (or boy!) who ends up wearing it truly enjoys it.  (And I hope it makes a lot of money for the museum!)

I rather like it!  What do you think?  Can't you see this with an adorable red "coral" necklace, a tiny hoop and a silk sash?  I'm especially delighted at the sleeves, which managed to turn out just as I imagined.

I did have a wee fitting problem, though.  I neglected to space my gathers out properly so the top of the sleeve ended up gathered too tight and it's a little snug at the arms.  I should have had less gathering at the top of the sleeve and a little more in the center front and back.  You can't tell in the pictures, but when she raises her arms or reaches forward, it pulls at the top of her shoulder just enough to be annoying.  The armscye does go up fairly high under the armpit on these raglan styled sleeves, so the wearing ease is controlled in the gathering at the top.  Get it too tight, and your little one will be uncomfortable.

Stay well, y'all.  Be good and do good.

Amy xoxo

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