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1861 Braided Gaiters - Work In Progress

Just wanted to share progress on the 1861 Braided Gaiter from Godey's.  For those who are interested, I do plan on making a pattern for these, but grading them (and testing them) can be tricky so I don't have a ETA worth mentioning.

I found a teensy tiny black soutache braid -- 1/16" in width -- and although I though for sure it would be too tiny, it worked perfectly.  I've finished one shoe, so now to work on the other, and then to create the button flaps.  After that, the foxing is easy and then it's attaching them to the sole.

The wool is "Mixt Grey" wool broadcloth from Wm. Booth Draper (um, LOVELY, by the way).  I am going to get more of this for a paletot for Victoria.  Because she needs one to go with these shoes, right?

I'll post more as things progress...


  1. These are lovely! I came across the image while looking for gaiters to wear over running shoes.

  2. Lovely indeed and difficult to make. Please upload the final product!


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