Welcome! Thistle + Lilly is a newly created pattern brand, currently targeted to designing clothing patterns for babies and children for the Victorian era. While many initial patterns will be for the 1850s and 1860s, the long-term goal is to have patterns ranging from 1830-1900.


A Few Changes

This blog is about to undergo a few changes.  I have another blog, A Day In 1862, in which I expound on and show off my 1860s clothing creations, and this blog was *supposed* to be a place for me to expound on and show off my non-1860s self.  But life has happened and thrown all my plans asunder, and from the rubble I'm making new plans.  I've had to give up my job as a marketing "person" for the company I was working for in DFW, and now I find myself enjoying home life with my little girl and husband.  However...there is apparently someone inside me who *insists* on being busy.  This "busy-ness" has turned into an endeavor to create 1860s sewing patterns for children, and the Thistle & Lilly name just...well...it worked for the pattern line!

So I'm switching blogs.  Thistle & Lilly is officially my new pattern brand, and this will be the blog home for the projects surrounding them.  I'm rather excited.  I already have 3 freebie patterns (although they're being formatted as an e-pattern right now), and I'm working on a shoe-making tutorial.

I don't know what will become of my 1862 blog.  I hope my followers there will follow me over here!  Perhaps I'll keep it open for my grown-up 1860s creations and leave this one specifically for children...until life happens again, that is.

So if you're seeing this blog post and you're a follower of my 1862 blog -- please follow me here!

Much love and here's to a lovely Thanksgiving to all!

xoxo Amy


  1. This is so exciting! I just found out that I'll be an aunt in May, and with Gettysburg to follow, I'm considering a bit of infant sewing. And I thought of you, and was wondering if your pattern venture had made any headway. I'm so glad you're moving forward with it!

    1. Oh how fun!!! We need to catch up. Email me if you can at amym@twoleafpress.com. I don't seem to have your email anymore.


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